Drones for Yachts (DY) and EVA partner on offshore deliveries to yachts!

Drones for Yachts (DY) has become the breakthrough innovative service in the logistics and yachting worlds. The company aims to be a key player in the technological advancement of ports and marinas by offering an innovative and sustainable service with a high-end approach. The DY solution is the first step in democratizing drone delivery and in creating a constellation of launch pads in different locations around the Mediterranean.

As an operator, DY intervenes in the entire delivery chain from the marketplace that merchants and customers use intuitively to the delivery of products up to 5 kilograms in fifteen minutes. The DY service aims to reach and expand in the Caribbean region in the next few months.

To accomplish this mission and in order to complete the delivery cycle, DY uses a hub
(smart station) that has been developed by its partner EVA.

EVA is leading the way in drone infrastructure with the widest range of products. EVA product portfolio ranges from portable Vertipads allowing to land a drone safely anywhere, through large drone ports hosting and charging multiple eVTOL drones.

EVA products are drone agnostic, facilitating any type of drone mission, no matter whether the drone is a multicopter or fixed wing. As EVA drone ports are fully automated and can be operated remotely, they play a pivotal role in enabling the scale up of drone-based missions. EVA smart station (see photo) completes perfectly DY last-mile delivery service.
This unit provides a safe take-off and landing platform for the Beluga and fulfills the automated package loading onto the drone.

“Drones for Yachts dreamt about a drone hub and EVA did it!” as Olivier Journet, CTO of EVA, puts it. “We are very happy to partner with Drones for Yachts and get into the maritime drone delivery segment with a first batch of 10 stations. We are thrilled by this win-win partnership where DY will benefit from our technology and our presence on 4 continents, while EVA will benefit from DY wide network and fast development”.